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If you are the kind of person who is constantly striving to be better – who wants not just a job but a career – and if you recognize and embody the fact that hard work and teamwork are the keys to success, then you may have found your new home. If you believe like we do that as an insurance and risk management professional you are charged with a mission that is critical to the success of businesses, families, individuals, and society at large, then you may want to consider joining our team.

CKP Insurance is a unique employment environment for a host of reasons.  We believe that by fostering the growth of the individuals in our organization, we are investing in the most important asset our company has – our people. Coming from a position of truly remarkable growth since the day we opened, our founders and owners believe that by continually reinvesting in technology, marketing, risk management resources, and people, we can stay focused on and pursue continued growth opportunities.

We are a large enough organization to have positions available for both experienced insurance professionals as well as people new to the industry. We are a small enough organization to be flexible in nurturing each individual’s talents and strengths and thereby help them to be in the best position possible to make the greatest contribution they can.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming one of our valued trusted professionals, please contact us via phone or email below:

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