At CKP Insurance, we understand the many risks facing people in the agriculture industry. Whether an individual farm or ranch, a corporation, or a partnership, the CKP team is committed to providing the highest quality of service to all our customers by helping them manage these risks most effectively. The owners of our company have been in insurance since the early 90’s and formed CKP in 2010 with the sole intent of focusing on the needs of America’s diverse agriculture producers.

We offer a range of insurance products and services to meet the needs of our clients, including Pasture, Rangeland, and Forage Insurance (PRF), a program designed to help protect operations from the losses resulting from a lack of rainfall. CKP Insurance also provides Apiculture Pilot Insurance (API) which provides insurance coverage specifically for beekeepers. Coverage under this program also helps to protect against losses due to lack of precipitation.

Payments, also known as indemnities, for both the PRF and API programs are determined based on the Rainfall Index, which is a comprehensive dataset of precipitation amounts recorded throughout the country. Because indemnities are not calculated based on actual livestock or honey production, claims are processed automatically without the need for adjusters. Here at CKP we have created our own proprietary software that is used to help determine the most efficient and effective coverage based on your individual business needs.

Another service CKP Insurance provides is Livestock Risk Protection (LRP). This insurance allows producers to protect against declines in market prices without sacrificing upside potential. LRP insurance is similar to a put option, allowing producers of all sizes to establish a floor price for protection without the contract size requirements.

When you select CKP as your insurance provider, you hire a team of experienced professionals. Our agents, office staff, and support personnel excel in providing top-quality customer service. At CKP, we provide insurance services for producers operating in the agricultural industry throughout the 48-contiguous United States, and we bring that extensive experience to each individual policy we write. CKP Insurance is the largest rainfall index policy provider for tribal nations, with vast experience working with tribal governments to assist with legislation and agricultural infrastructure.

Hire the agency with a thorough understanding of insurance and the specific needs of agriculture producers. Go with CKP.